This site is here to inform people that are interested in helping and supporting our troops and their future brothers.


Support Our Future Troops (SOFT) is an organization that helps to open the door to their future and the future of our country. Civilians that may need help with preparing for the ASVAB(Tutoring), gathering the essential paperwork (Birth Certificate, Social Security) and any other information need by the Recruiters, MEPS, or MEPS Doctors.

The ASVAB which stands for THE ARMED SERVICES VOCATIONAL APTITUDE BATTERY is one part of the enlistment process. This test shows the examinees specific ability by testing in four ASVAB subject: Arithmetic Reasoning(AR), Mathematics Knowledge(MK), Paragraph Comprehension(PC) & Word Knowledge(WK). This organization helps examinees to pay for the materials such as the ASVAB Study Guide or the ASVAB Book and if necessary and/or possible the organization may provide a tutor


At MEPS-(MILITARY ENTRANCE PROCESSING STATION their is nothing to pay, but the doctors at MEPS may ask the examinees to see an out-side source for a military physiological Evaluation from a civilian physiologist. The physiologist rates range anywhere from between $140.00 up to $190.00 an hour, for most of the examinees they cannot afford this, but may have friends of family members help pay for this test. For the ones that cannot afford this or don't have friends or family that can help pay for the testing we would step in and cover the cost of seeing the physiologist, or paying for the documents, or the tutoring needed.


Gathering the ESSENTIAL PAPERWORK needed sometimes cost money and we are here to help the Examinees with ordering these documents such as Birth Certificate, Court Documents, Police Records, & Hospital Documents. We are a non-profit organization looking to help the examinees that cannot afford to pay for the proper documents. So we relay on the support and donations of our community.


This ORGANIZATION is a non-profit organization. Its only here to help our community give back to our troops by supporting them with new troops to fight by their side to protect one-another. We are not asking for a big donation but we are asking that you help and donate what you can for our civilian and our future troops. Each examine that we help will be ordered to post a AUTOBIOGRAPHY and a THANK YOU LETTER to the people that donated to this organization. We thank you for taking the time to read our blog.
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